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Technical Consultancy Service Organisation of Karnataka

A Government of Karnataka Organisation


TECSOK is a multidisciplinary management consultancy organization promoted by the Government of Karnataka to provide reliable consultancy services in India. TECSOK has been excelling its expertise in a wide range of services. The package of services includes feasibility studies, market research, valuation of assets, environment impact studies, energy management and audit, management studies like corporate plan, reorganization and restructuring of enterprises, man power planning, budgetary control systems, mergers and acquisitions, investment opportunities, technology transfers, diagnostic studies and also designing and organizing training programmes in all related areas. Of late, TECSOK is also concentrating on studies relating to Cleaner Production technologies and methods.

TECSOK has been considered by the Government of Karnataka, Government of India, State & Central Financial Institutions, Commercial Banks, Asian Development Bank and a host of other institutions of the Government and Private as the recognized consultancy agency.

A Powerhouse of Expertise

The TECSOK consultancy is driven by top-notch professionals from different disciplines; engineers, management experts, economists and financial consultants. TECSOK partners with reputed national and multinational consultants, outsourcing expertise for professional synergy.